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Zajęcia "Powietrzna kondycja"


Zajęcia "Powietrzna kondycja" w House of Air sprawią, że Twoje policzki mogą rozboleć Cię od ciągłego uśmiechania się. Są to jedne z najbardziej ekscytujących ćwiczeń, na jakie można się zapisać w przestrzeni miejskiej. Czy wiesz, że 10 minut skakania na trampolinach to równowartość 33 minut biegania? Strać wagę i poczuj się świetnie, skacząc razem z nami! Chcesz poznać więcej szczegółów?


Terminy zajęć

  • Poniedizałek, Środa & Czwartek - 19.00
  • Wtorek & Czwartek - 12.00
  • Sobota - 09.00


  • $18 za zajęcia (50 minut)
  • $324 za pakiet 20 zajęć/osobę (10% zniżki)

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After discovering House of Air’s website and finding out that 10 minutes of jumping on a trampoline equates to 33 minutes of running, we knew that we wanted to take one of their Air Conditioning Workout Classes to see whether this claim was correct.

Amy & Kieron of Don't Ever Look Back


At Air Conditioning classes, use the power of bouncing to intensify the kicking of your butt: Your teacher shows you how to make everything extradifficult — and funny! Think about it: Even simple push-ups become excitingly and core-strengtheningly unstable when performed on suspended elastic.

Hiya Swanhuyser of SF WEEKLY

Air Conditioning Instructors

Lauren - House of Air Workout Instructor


Lauren grew up in Laguna Hills, California playing soccer, gymnastics and competitive cheer. She competed on the Acrobatics and Tumbling team at the University of Oregon for 4 years and took home 3 National Championship titles. Outside of jumping in class, Lauren stays active by hiking through the Marin Redwoods, running through Golden Gate Park, dancing at concerts, and cheering on my Ducks. Lauren loves House of Air's Air Conditioning Class because she gets to get in touch with her inner child that loves to jump on trampolines. Lauren teaches House of Air's Monday and Wednesday classes!

Fun Facts about Lauren:

  • Lauren's favorite song to work out to is 'Til I Collapse by Eminem!
  • Lauren loves baking and hopes to open her own bakery in a small beach town one day.
Carlee - Air Conditioning Instructor


Carlee started teaching trampoline workout classes in October 2014 and cannot get enough of it. Carlee grew up in SoCal where she was a competitive cheerleader for 8 years. Carlee moved to San Francisco to study Recreation Administration at SF State. She has always been into alternative fitness versus taking a jog. She is not only an Air Conditioning instructor at House of Air, but also the Programs and Safety Manager - Carlee loves feedback for anything House of Air related if you have it! When she isn't at House of Air, Carlee spends her time taking indoor cycling classes or cooking. PS - You are promised at least two forms of squats in her class! She teaches Thursday and Saturday Classes!

Fun Facts about Carlee

  • Carlee will ALWAYS have at least one Beyoncé song on her class playlist!
  • Carlee loves to spend her vacation time traveling Baja with her parents and sisters!